Bergen kills Linux migration plans

, posted: 30-Aug-2006 09:23

BORK!Bergen Council in Norway made headlines in 2004 when it announced that it would rip out HP/UX servers and Microsoft Windows desktops in favour of Novell/SuSE Linux. It was meant to be one of the largest Linux migration projects in Europe, with over 50,000 users.

The idea was to provide a cost-effective IT infrastructure and avoid single-vendor lock-in, according to then Bergen Council IT manager, Janicke Runshaug Foss.

Only two years later however, Bergen Council decided to do a one-eighty and put the Linux migration on ice, says Computerworld Norway.
Computerworld Norway

Now Bergen Council director of competition and development Lars Tveit says that exaggerated faith in Linux can lead to a loss of focus. It may have a negative impact on important functions even, Tveit tells Computeworld.

Bergen will now only use Linux in areas where it's appropriate to do so, Tveit says and adds that the council will continue using Microsoft's products". He says:

We use Microsoft [products] and have no intention of throwing them out. With that many users the total cost of retraining for a new system would be too much of a burden."

That Novell's losing one of its Linux showcases will no doubt please Microsoft immensely. Even so, Microsoft is taking the Linux threat to its corporate markets seriously, and readying, I hear, a version of MS Office for the bigger distributions.

Knowing what exactly changed Bergen Council's mind would be interesting - the Computerworld story doesn't unfortunately go into much detail, apart from mentioning training issues.

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