Genitalia and insect cooking tips from the BBC

, posted: 29-Aug-2006 13:14

Finally, a food programme worth watching: Cooking in the Danger Zone on BBC. It's food writer Stefan Gates who wades in with an open mind, curious tastebuds and an iron-clad stomach. Brave man he is too. I've not had dog ever (won't either), but deep-fried scorpions on toast, crispy stir-fried black ants and steamed squirrel. Let's see what Stefan has on the menu for us... For starter, Scorpion Kebab à la Chinois Scorpion isn't the most versatile ingredient, I believe. Deep-frying seems to be the only reliable way of cooking them. Doubt mashing them would be nice. Followed by Yak Penis Yak schlongs apparently have more nutrition than other penises. Afghani Lamb Testicle Kebabs, the house speciality Looks like an interesting way to do them. I've made lambs' testicles pan fried with foie gras and flambed with brandy - not my recipe that, and I thought it'd be horrible but it was quite good actually. Main course: Korean Bul Doggi. (Geddit? Geddit?) Wonder if he got dog breath from eating that?

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