New Parliament website falls over immediately

, posted: 28-Aug-2006 09:36

Viewers hoping to behold the beauteous new NZ Parliament website were left disappointed this morning, as it buckled and fell over almost immediately after it was launched.

NZ Parliament

I managed to see a bit more than that of it though, and apart from the apparent lack of reliability (well, initially at least, let's give them a chance here), the site looks good. It doesn't yet validate over at W3C, but the developers should be able to fix that easily.

The site seems to render fine in Firefox, IE7, Opera 9 and Lynx, although I didn't have time to test it exhaustively for obvious reasons.

It is a bit embarrassing for everyone involved - the Government, Terabyte and Microsoft - that the site died like this on first day, almost straight away.

Update The new Parliament site was down for much of the day, but is now up and running. It's looking good - fast, well-organised and with a consistent design across the pages. Good work, and I hope the reliability issues have been sorted out.

I am curious though why it was deemed necessary to "segregate" MPs by ethnicity in the search feature though. Apart from being of no actual use to the electorate and being innately divisive, there are only three options:

None Selected

Looking at the results from the ethnic segregation, sorry, sorting, we get:

16 European MPs; 5 Labour, 10 National, 1 United Future.
6 Maori MPs; 4 Labour, 1 Maori Party, 1 NZ First.
2 No Ethnicity Selected MPs; 1 Labour, 1 National.

Peculiar stuff.

Update II Someone's been a busy bee, and ironed out the few bits and pieces preventing the new Parliament site from validating. W3C now declares it as Valid XHMTL 1.0 Transitional. Good work there.

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