Mongrel Mob helps build Otara creche

, posted: 26-Aug-2006 16:05

I've got mixed feelings about this RNZ story, which says that Mongrel Mob's Notorious chapter has helped build a childcare centre in Otara.

On the one hand it's good to see the Mobsters do something good but on the other, they still belong to a gang that the NZ Police Criminal Investigation Bureau describes in this way:

New Zealand Gangs Mongrel Mob gang patch

Mongrel Mob, Black Power and Nomad Gangs are the prominent New Zealand gangs. Membership is dominated by Pacific Island and Maori people. They often wear distinctive patches and other gang paraphernalia, and facial and body tattoos are a common feature. These gangs have been involved in serious violence, selling and distributing drugs, possessing firearms and offensive weapons, and using intimidation and threatening tactics in pursuit of their criminal activities.

Is this really a good look? The government and community chipped in with nearly a million dollar to build the childcare centre that RNZ says took six years to build.

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