Big win for Creative in Apple iPod lawsuit

, posted: 24-Aug-2006 21:26

Creative TechnologiesSingapore's Creative Technology has scored a big out-of-court settlement in its patent lawsuit against Apple.

Under the terms of the settlement, Apple will pay Creative US$100 million to license a software patent for use in iPods and other products. Creative on the other hand gets supply iPod accessories under the "Made for iPod" programme as part of the deal.

Money apart, being let into Apple's iPod revenue stream is a great opportunity for Creative. The Singaporeans never got their media players into the public cynosure like Apple did with the iPods, despite being first out of the blocks.

Part of the reason for that has to be Creative's lacklustre PR effort. Last time I had any news about Creative, let alone products to try out, was about four years ago. Sure, I keep an eye on Creative nevertheless, but it would be nice if they bothered to reciprocate.

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