Solved: mystery of IE7 declaring Scobleizer 'non-secure'

, posted: 23-Aug-2006 17:21

A little while a go, I was doing just one too many things at the same time. It was reading Robert Scoble's blog while trying to meet deadlines, talking on the phone, etc. Not conducive to detailed troubleshooting that.

Anyway, I saw this page on Scobleizer:


... and thought, "what's going on now? why's IE7 saying Scobleizer has non-secure content?"

While no big thing, it seemed quite funny and noteworthy though and I assumed it was due to a strange bug in IE7 as I looked through the page source and nothing obviously wrong jumped out at me.

However, Mauricio Freitas had his eyes screwed on right, and spotted the problem... the page was served up over an SSL secured HTTPS connection, but some elements on it, the pictures by the looks of it, came from a normal, open HTTP connection.

Now that's not a good thing, and IE7 was right to alert me to it.

What's not so good with IE7 is that the error message really didn't point the finger at the problem. I know Microsoft is trying to be user friendly here, but dammit, it's easy to miss things like one letter on a hi-res screen.

Can I suggest to the IE7 team that the message is made clearer in the final version of the browser?

The Scobleizer has been alerted to the issue, and I promise I'll check things more thoroughly in the future. Gah. 

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