Apple bundles Ruby on Rails with Leopard

, posted: 10-Aug-2006 07:47

Ruby On RailsThe Ruby on Rails webdev community has scored a big one: Apple will ship Ruby on Rails with Mac OS X 10.5, a.k.a. Leopard. There's a lot of buzz around RoR at the moment, and Apple's move will only increase it.

Watch this space for mucho FUD from the opposition. How long will it take before someone says "Ruby on Rails performance sucks"?

The Microsoft camp especially has a reason to bash RoR, which runs as on Windows/IIS as well as the open source alternatives. Dot Net guru Tim Haines blogged recently about RoR gaining a foothold at Trade Me with the SMAPS app. Trade Me is a Microsoft ASP.NET shop otherwise, I gather. SMAPS was developed by ProjectX in Wellington and it seems fast enough to me.

RoR's Typo weblog app looks interesting. Anyone tried it yet?

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