Rafferty carries on domain slamming

, posted: 7-Aug-2006 17:35

It's another Rafferty this time though: Blair, who is the brother of Chesley.

Blair's been mailing .nz registrants in large numbers with these letters:


Which the New Zealand Domain Name Commissioner says looks like invoices or a domain renewal notices, complete with payment slips at the bottom. An MP3 player is held up as a carrot for potential registrants as well.

The people I spoke to for the Computerworld said that Rafferty's company is asking money for a variant of their existing domain name - for example, if they have somedomain.co.nz, the letter mentions somedomain.net.nz. In other words, you wouldn't be renewing your domain but registering another one.

Blair apparently took over Chesley's directorships when the latter brother went bankrupt last year. In July this year, Chesley's partner Brad Norrish also went bankrupt. Both men have million-dollar judgements against them in the Australian Federal Court.

Unfortunately, it looks like this kind of scamming is hard to stamp out. There are always some people who will fall for it, and at $225 a piece, it doesn't take long before the scammer makes a return on his "investment".

If you have a .nz domain and have received one of the above letters - DON'T PAY. Apart from anything, it's a craptacular deal. Computerworld reader Patrick Baron wrote in and said he can get two years' worth of .nz registration at Freeparking for $85.39. He also says a 128MB USB-stick MP3 player can be had for around $58, so the $225 Rafferty's asking is a lousy deal.

I'd like to know how Rafferty can register new .nz domains though like this? The DNC needs to investigate this and de-authorise whoever it is that is helping out Rafferty.

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