The TechEd 2013 bag review

, posted: 5-Sep-2013 13:13

Here we are then, a late look at this year's bag for Microsoft New Zealand's TechEd conference which kicks off next week. Without further ado, this is what it looks like: TechEd delegates will advertise the conference itself (naturally) but also Mic (read the entire post)...

The problem with VDSL2, part 2

, posted: 27-Aug-2013 14:28

Turns out that it is too early to write off VDSL2 as a less than robust technology, one that's hyper sensitive to cross-talk and interference. As readers of my blog might recall, my VDSL2 connection dropped more than twenty megabit/s in speed despite (read the entire post)...

The problem with VDSL2

, posted: 26-Aug-2013 14:09

Update The below isn't correct, and my connection is now back to 67Mbps down. See the new blog post. In May I blogged about my VDSL2 connection dropping down in speed, or rather switching profiles from 17a to 8b, for no apparent reason. At the time, (read the entire post)...

Video: Kim Dotcom and Mathias Ortman at the IITP Mega breakfast

, posted: 28-Jun-2013 17:13

As the Institute says, Mega is the largest tech startup this year in New Zealand and Dotcom and his associates, Mathias Ortmann, Finn Batato and Bram van der Kolk are worth paying attention to. Video is just over one hour long. (read the entire post)...

The mysterious Dynamic Line Management on VDSL2

, posted: 30-May-2013 18:08

After a long run on Profile 17a, my VDSL2 connection was dropped down a few weeks ago to Profile 8b by the Dynamic Line Management that Chorus uses. What this means is that the connection, which on 17a would sync at 65Mbps or so down, now syncs at 42 (read the entire post)...

Two-factor authentication broken

, posted: 23-May-2013 17:52

As Twitter attempts to make it service more secure and possibly facing legal action by Kim Dotcom for patent infringement some security experts say 2FA is basically b0rk3d already. There's more about it in the story linked to above, but I'm wondering (read the entire post)...

The problem with naming and shaming

, posted: 13-Apr-2013 11:59

This Tumblr, Dom's laptop is in Iran, did something everyone does at some stage: it named and shamed those who seemed guilty of something.
Long story short: Dom's laptop was stolen and ended up in Iran. Through remote access software, Dom track (read the entire post)...

Speaking of prank calls

, posted: 9-Dec-2012 12:37

Victor Lewis-Smith applies for a presenter's job at the BBC. (read the entire post)...

Timelapse clip of Brisbane superstorm

, posted: 30-Nov-2012 12:18

Apparently, there were over 25,000 lightning strikes in just one day. By Noelia Ramon. (read the entire post)...

Fighting with Windows 8

, posted: 25-Nov-2012 11:43

Getting used to Windows 8 means learning new ways of doing familiar things. This is fine, provided there's a benefit to be had but unfortunately, Microsoft has made some mystifying choices in Windows 8 that add complexity and effort to completing tas (read the entire post)...


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